All men have dreamed of having the “Supermodel” girlfriend… All men have dreamed of having the girlfriend that they can grab pizza and a beer with and who enjoys going to sporting events as much as he does!

Now… Imagine having both.

A Global Muse …

Jordan’s portfolio, to date, has spanned 5 continents.  From exotic locales as Tuscany, Italy & the white sand beaches of Thailand to the unforgiving climate of Death Valley & the sprawling sand dunes of the Mojave Desert.

Jordan’s love for the camera and her fans show through with her willingness to photograph anywhere and still provide captivating pictures and experiences for her fans!

... And the Girl Next Door

Jordan’s rare combination of her down-to-earth, tomboy mentality and her breathtaking beauty provides the public with never-been-done-before glimpses of Beauty – in everyday life.

Jordan’s ability to never take herself too seriously and her desire to be true to her fans comes through with her pictures and clips in everyday situations.