Jordan makes it a point to tackle her fears head-on in order to succeed. 

Jordan’s journey to the present has not been a simple one, and the odds have been against her from the start, but her sheer determination has driven Jordan to push the boundaries of conventional modeling.  In the last three years alone, in addition to modeling, Jordan has:

  • Appeared on numerous television channels performing roles ranging from
    guest hosting to stunt driving!
  • Released a DVD series for Yoga at the beginner’s level.
  • Acted in full-length motion pictures.
  • Become a spokesperson for many local brands.
  • Published Photo / Editorial Model in numerous print and online magazines 

Jordan’s cheerful demeanor and her work ethic have caught the eyes of various industries with many partnering with Jordan in order to have visibility to her loyal fan base.  With Jordan’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest followers rising exponentially daily, sponsors and other partners to Jordan have benefitted greatly from the relationship.

Likewise, Jordan has always been appreciative and engaged with all her projects, and she is excited about all of the opportunities that are being presented to her.  Jordan is hopeful that she can use these next couple of years to really impact paradigms of what it can mean to be a woman!  With Jordan, the sky is the limit!

Stay tuned to see what is next for JORDAN CARVER… 

Clients who already worked with Jordan Carver.

Clients who already worked with Jordan Carver.

The World is constantly redefining what beauty is…
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