Pumpkin patching

Wattup wattup!

It's the scary season...Halloween! I know, its not for another few weeks, but I'm getting in early! I even hit the local pumpkin patch this week to pick out one orange little sucker!
Check out all my candids here.
What's everyone up to this weekend?
Love and kisses, Jordi x



Welcome to the dark side

Heya fellas!

Happy Friday y'all!!
It's my favorite day of the week and to celebrate I have a deep, dark set out now!
Check out the full album here.
Have an amazing weekend!!

Love always, JC xx




Hey guys,

Happy Friday y'all!

I have put together a special candid set this week of my favorite photos from Instagram.

These are all from my personal collection, check it out only at

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Love and hugs, Jordi xxx