Has been a breakthrough year in Germany for Jordan. She is still under contract with AZ media, and had a reality pilot set to air June 20th, 2012 in Germany. She was also featured on the cover of TV Digital, and received a very honorable opportunity by German newspaper BILD to do an interview/film at the editors desk. Other achievements include her 6th cover for the UK magazine ZOO and many talk show appearances such as NachtCafe. She was also featured for one week on a German morning show “Sat 1” as a celebrity trainee. She preformed street interviewing as well as hosting. 

In July, she landed her first role in an independent film called “Who Killed Johnny?” which was shot in Hollywood, CA, and directed by Yangzom Brauen who is a very well known actress in Switzerland. The film is set to be released in Switzerland in the beginning of 2013. This was an important step in her breakthrough to TV & movies.

In August, Jordan traveled to Australia to be featured on her first cover and centerfold issue of ZOO Weekly Australia.

She also created a beginners personal yoga DVD. This was filmed in Europe and sponsored by Karsdadt Sport where the DVD can also be purchased. It is being released in German as well as English and can be bought by consumers in November worldwide.