Was a very important year for Jordan. Her popularity increased as she reached over 10,000 fans on Facebook in the beginning of 2011. She started traveling and producing multiple photo shoots for her webpage and magazines worldwide, including Blueprint in the US. Other published locations included Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Jordan also received international recognition when she appeared in the British ZOO magazine and made the cover 5 times. She then became the first German model to appear on ZOO magazines cover.

Her magnificent body and diversity has made her a popular glamour model. She continued to work with several top photographers worldwide that helped her build up her talent. She had received a lot of attention from press all over the world, especially from the major German newspaper BILD. The first published images by BILD were viewed by 12 million daily, showing Jordan in her tight training outfit doing YOGA in the middle of a public park which  became a famous photo in Germany.

She signed an exclusive contract with the German Television Production Company AZ Media and continues to work with them on several concepts for the European market. During one of the TV productions for a German magazine she was caught by paparazzi of TMZ who then featured her on the show the next day. At the end of the year she broke the 40,000 fan mark on Facebook as well as having her google search hits worldwide at about 7,000,000.